L&C BIO's Patent registration status
Patent registration 목록
No. Registered
registration No
Registered Date
17 Composite demineralized bone composition containing bone mineral component and its manufacturing process 10-2416859 2022-06-30
16 Composition for cartilage regeneration containing cartilage component and method for manufacturing the same 10-2416861 2022-06-30
15 ZAG-DERIVED PEPTIDE AND USE THEREOF US 11,213,567 B2 2022-01-04
14 3D printing bio-ink composition and method for manufacturing that contains human-derived components and has a tissue-specific cell differentiation effect 10-2302770 2021-09-09
13 ZAG Protein-Derived Peptides and Use Thereof 10-2149202 2020-08-24
12 Method for Manufacturing Biological Implants  10-2040592 2019-10-30
11 The Method of High-yield and High-purity Manufacturing of Allo-collagen Composition Extracted From Human origin 10-1916759 2018-11-02
10 Manufacturing Method of Soft Tissue Filler Composition Based on Hyaluronic Acid 10-1886413 2018-08-01
9 Manufacturing Method of Thermosensitive Anti-adhesion Compositios Based on Micronized Acellular Dermal Matrix 10-1845885 2018-03-30
8 Drug-releasing functional acellular dermal graft and manufacturing method 10-1778686 2017-09-08
7 Manufacturing method of a composition for living body implantation, in which the particle-type acellular dermis and the hyaluronic acid are cross-linked 10-1729127 2017-04-17
6 ACELLULAR DERMAL GRAFT US 9,532,866 B2 2017-01-03
5 Manufacturing method of a composition for cross-linking, living body implantation, or insertion of acellular dermis 10-1650273 2016-08-16
4 Cross-linking manufacturing of particle-type acellular dermis and hyaluronic acid through an electron beam 10-1523878 2015-05-21
3 Jig for freeze-drying a dermal tissue  10-1395712 2014-05-09